We believe that consumers in the US are ethically obligated to use the immense power of $4.5 Trillion a year in non-housing spending choices to push for positive change.

We want to help you channel this immense power into the meaningful changes that you want!

Our strategy is novel, instead of trying to lobby to pass new laws to fix problems, you decide directly what you want to support. For example, corruption of our government through lobbying and political donations is a major problem that we can solve merely by supporting businesses that act ethically.

Are you concerned about unethical business practices? Once you realize that you are supporting those businesses by purchasing their products, it’s your ethical responsibility to do something about it!

Our Strategy:

  1. Collect your ideas for making the world better
  2. Create a simple way to support businesses that agree with you

This website is a test to see if this idea is viable. If it is viable, then we can change the world for the better. If not, then perhaps I won’t donate any more of my time and money for it. Please take a very quick moment to answer the following questions:

Do you believe that this strategy will work?

    No, I don't want this strategy to work
    I don't know

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Do you have any ideas you’d like us to support? Any other comments? If so, leave a reply below! Email and website are optional.

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One thought on “Home

  1. Why do we have laws if no one enforces them? So tired of local government turning a blind ear and eye when others have to play by the rules. Who do you turn to.? Coruption at its best…

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